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New publication on ferox genetics

We discovered some fascinating insights into the evolutionary history of ferox trout from the Loch Maree catchment.

Essentially the ferox trout and sympatric brown trout from the Loch Maree catchment probably shared a common ancestor around 33,000-41,168 years ago!

In the study we also identified candidate genes that may be responsible for growth, immune response and morphology in the ferox population, thus explaining why ferox growth potential and life span is so pronounced compared with sympatric brown trout populations.

The ferox trout and brown trout appear to spawn in extremely close proximity geographically, however we believe size assortative mating (large fish spawning with large fish, small fish spawning with small fish) is a major contributing factor for maintenance of reproductive isolation. You can read the full open-access paper by clicking the link here!

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