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Roslyn Anderson

Roz is an Ecologist with experience in teaching and a background in montane biodiversity, grazing ecology, animal behaviour, molecular biology and disease dynamics.


Over the past 18 years she has conducted field and laboratory work on a variety of research projects with the University of Liverpool, the James Hutton Institute and the Scottish Association for Marine Science, as well as with projects on the islands of St Kilda and Rúm.


She recently completed a PhD on the effects of grazing management on montane biodiversity with University College Cork. During this time, she also taught statistics to biologists and demonstrated Ecology to students at Fota Wildlife Park.


At present she is teaching Biology at West College Scotland and Ecology, as a CertHE Tutor with the Centre for Open Studies, University of Glasgow.


She has experience in writing articles for stakeholders and non-specialist audiences and in delivering oral presentations to diverse audiences, from school students, members of the public and stakeholders to scientific audiences at both national and international conferences.


Having won two poster awards, she strongly believes in making science accessible to all and particularly enjoys interpreting complex issues in simple, creative and engaging ways.

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