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The Scientific Procedure - Mini Lecture Series 

In this mini-lecture series you will go through the scientific procedure and extract your own data from a wild bird population in Australia. You will then analyse and write a scientific report.

Mini-Lecture 1 - The Scientific Procedure

In this first mini-lecture on the scientific procedure Dr Martin Hughes gives an overview of the scientific methodology and introduces the first two steps - Question & Research.

Mini-Lecture 2 - Hypothesis Testing

In the second mini-lecture on the scientific we give an overview of hypothesis testing.

Mini-Lecture 3 - Experimental Design

In the third mini-lecture we discuss different forms of experimental design.

Mini-Lecture 4 - Data Extraction

In the fourth mini-lecture we explain how you can extract data from the virtual hides.

Mini-Lecture 5 - Data Analysis

In the fifth mini-lecture we discuss some different forms of descriptive statistics.

Mini-Lecture 6 - Bird Data Analysis

In the sixth mini-lecture we show you how to analyse your own data from the virtual hides

Mini-Lecture 7 -  Data Analysis (ANOVA)

In the seventh mini-lecture we will reject or fail to reject our null hypothesis by using an analysis of variance (ANOVA)

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